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Library Journal
Reviewed by Robert A. Sica, Eastern Kentucky Univ. Lib., ­Richmond

With great warmth and dedication, this modest production, four years in the making, profiles a community of artists and social workers on downtown L.A.'s Skid Row, one of the largest homeless populations in the country.  The film focuses on two social workers who also serve as art mentors and the homeless (or formerly homeless) artists whose work they encourage and support, one employed at the SRO Housing Corporation, the other at the Lamp Community.  It blends probing interviews, vividly affecting personal testimonies, and informative narration to cast a moving and revelatory light on the lives of all involved -- the social networks based on a shared faith in the transformative and therapeutic power of art.  The artists featured work primarily in fine arts media, including watercolor, charcoal, acrylics, crayon, and collage; several have had gallery showings.  One of the most poignant figures profiled is prevented by his immigration status from attending a prestigious art school to which he was awarded a scholarship.  Recommended for large public libraries and academic collections serving interests in social work and art therapy.

Reviewed by Rory L. Aronsky

...a first-rate, profound documentary....

...seamless, unobtrusive filmmaking... well-written, detailed narration...

...encourages viewers to widen their world view and see the different pieces of Skid Row...

It’s been so long since I’ve felt so much for a documentary, and I hope Humble Beauty gains more attention than these words alone...

It’s impossible to let this masterful film fade away...

Reviewed by Bill Gibron

...incredibly interesting...insightful....the subject matter explored is inherently compelling.

...the story of these gifted individuals forms an aura of hope that provides light where there is darkness, joy where there is sadness, sense where there is insanity, and dignity where all possibility of same is slowly eroded away....

We hear their individual stories, watch as they discuss their specific works, and wonder how they’ve managed to make it over the years. Their names read like an overview of modern society - Latino and Native, African American and Caucasian. Their motives are as unique as they are unified, the notion that creativity bridging the gap between normalcy and a life on the fringes staying front and center. Many of the canvases they offer are striking in their outsider originality. Some reflect the collective grief all too well. A few mark focused obsession. Together, they form a portrait of determination and defiance unmistakable in its power....

...the very heart and soul of these people makes Humble Beauty worth visiting....

Each story here has its own significance, a reason for rejoicing within a circumstance where very little happiness can be found. Kudos then to Letitia Schwartz and Judith Vogelsang for bringing this amazing material to light...

Reviewed by K. Fennessy

" Recommended."


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